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When God Uses One Woman

In 1956, five American missionaries, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming and Roger Youderian, were attacked and speared by an uncontacted group of Waorani (then known as the Aucas) warriors deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. The horrific news of the death of the five men quickly became headline news. One of the killers was Mincaye. Karen has met Mincaye and has stayed in his village of Tzapino. In When God Uses One Woman, Karen shares how God fulfills the dreams of His children no matter their age, seeming lack of qualifications, or their circumstances!

Discover what one person can do when God uses them for His purpose all the while fulfilling a long awaited dream! You may just be next!!! He does have a plan for each of us; one that is just perfect for our life...even when it seems all is lost, or we feel we have made all the wrong choices, or perhaps that it is just too late! God is at work orchestrating the universe...He will give you the desires of your heart and a song to sing!   


In When God Uses One Woman, Karen shares her personal, seemingly impossible,  dream that God made a reality!  She will take you on an adventure of how God took her from teaching in a Bible college to the dense Ecuadorian rainforest... fulfilling 30 year old dream of hers.  Karen thought it was just too late for God to use her in the Amazon; but here she is being used by God to work alongside the remote indigenous tribes (Waorani, Achuar and Shuar) who live deep in the jungle! A dream come true!!!

Karen will introduce the work her foundation, Come to the Rainforest, and what she is doing in the Amazon, describing some of her unique experiences such as meeting and spending time with Mincaye and Dayuma (from the 1956 missionary story), participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony, meeting a Quichua shaman and being married in a traditional Waorani wedding ceremony. She will update your group on what has happened to the tribes since western contact over sixty years ago and what the future may hold for these indigenous. Karen brings a fascinating cultural display of traditional indigenous items including jewelry, pottery, baskets and Waorani spears, the same as those used to kill the missionaries in 1956.


SPECIAL NOTE: There isn't a speaking fee to have Karen come and present When God Uses One Woman. She asks only that a free will offering or a donation be given to help support the work of her Come to the Rainforest Foundation and her travel expenses covered.


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