About Us

Come to the Rainforest works alongside the indigenous peoples who live deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Our goal is to connect people with unique opportunities to serve and work among the remote indigenous communities through short-term experiences.

We only work with tribes and villages who have extended an invitation to us to come. We collaborate with local indigenous leaders to understand the pressing needs of each community we serve.

Our long-term vision is to see indigenous peoples teach, train, support and minister to other indigenous peoples.

We strive to use resources from within the country as much as possible. We do not wish to promote
dependency or paternalism as a result of a handout, nor do we seek anything in return for our work.

We actively seek to partner with churches of any denomination, as well as U.S., foreign and local Non-
Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help support our endeavors and projects.

Where We Serve

Come to the Rainforest works alongside the indigenous who live in remote villages deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest. The majority of our work takes place in the Pastaza and Napo rainforest provinces. 

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