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Medical & Vision Clinics

Providing Aid, Developing Skills

With this initiative, our goal is to serve the indigenous peoples by offering medical/vision services and medical/vision training to those who are too remote to travel to receive care. 


With access to the right resources, medicines and hands-on training, both medical volunteers and the indigenous peoples can learn from one another. We teach the rainforest communities how to improve care for the daily medical and vision needs of their own people. Both traditional and modern medicines are combined to achieve improved health for the community. To volunteer on a medical and vision mission, donate medicines and tools, participate in offering simple medical training for the indigenous tribes, simply get in touch with our team today.

Donate a Vision Kit

The I-SEE Vision Kit is easy to learn and equips the indigenous with the skills they need to identify and treat common eyesight problems. The I-See vision training requires minimal training for both the trainer and the trainee, making it an easily accessible tool for the indigenous or for any person going on one of our trips. Once in the village, one or two indigenous are instructed on how to complete the exam and fit the glasses. They administer the clinic while we oversee their initial training.

The goal and exciting part of the program is that the vision exams and ministry will continue after the trip. Those who are trained keep the kit and are encouraged to use the opportunity to go help other communities, build relationships, and if a Christian, to share their faith.

The glasses are packaged into ready-to-go kits that are equipped with 200 pairs of glasses. The kit includes the 200 pairs of glasses, a traveling case, 2 lens ladders, eye chart, a repair kit, and all of the other necessary tools for someone to do a full eye exam. Total cost for the vision kit is $985.00.

To donate the complete or partial cost of a vision kit, click here

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