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Adopt a Rainforest Elder

Bestowing Honor and Respect

One of our commitments is to provide what assistance we can for the basic daily needs of the Rainforest Elders as well as to honor and respect these resilient people, many of whom were born before contact with the world beyond their rainforest territory. Due to the on-going encroachment of oil companies and loggers, wild game is becoming scarce and is being depleted.  Some elders do not have anyone in their immediate family to provide for them and must rely on extended family to supply them with food. Many have little or no money for day to day necessities such as cooking pots and clothing. Adopting a Rainforest Elder is one way you can directly participate with us and is designed to build a bridge between individuals and cultures through opportunities to “adopt” Elders and help provide some of their basic needs.


If you are interested in more information about the Adopt a Rainforest Elder Program, please click here

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